Issac Asimov's Reason

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In Issac Asimov short story, Reason; Mike Donovan and Gregory Powell are scientists of a space station that supplies solar energy to the planet earth. It was originally maintained by humans, however they were not able to withstand the harsh conditions such as heat and the storm. Thus “robots were developed to replace human labor” (Asimov 163), dealing with a new QT model robot which is supposed to manage the space station at a higher degree than the previous robot models. This QT model robot is now doubting Donovan and Powell being its creator and has come to conclude after reasoning by itself that there is no existence of stars and planets outside the station, and gives reasons that humans are weak. With that being said, the robot is an analogy of the human mind, in which the reader is aware of the conversation that Powell has (being as the human) and Cutie, short for the QT model robot. From the beginning of the story, the robot possess a curiosity which is shown throughout several parts of the story: “what is the purpose of my existence?” This symbolizes that human mind’s tend to be analytical in nature and seek purpose. Furthermore another example of human nature that is presented in the story is when Powell explains to Cutie his “existence” in which case Cutie becomes skeptical after hearing Powell's explanation and says that: “I do not…show more content…
Reason compels the reader to look on examples of belief systems in our society. This is an example of Asimov’s way of reason, in which religion and ideologies are both being criticized in today’s society. With that in mind, our religious beliefs as humans we have come to conclude that there is a ‘Master’ and believe that there is an unseen superior being whom we come to know and believe that they/he/she exists and come to follow a practice that reflects that

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