Is The Patriot Movie Accurate

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The Patriot is a movie that focused and mimicked the events that happened in the area of South Carolina, known as Charleston, in 1775. The movie gives us a basic understanding of the conflicts that occurred between the colonies of America and Britain. Certain colonists believed that it was time for a change. While the movie depicts certain colonists who were on Britain’s side, others believed that the colonies should gain their own independence. Therefore a war, which was previously seen in the eyes of Benjamin Martin as a suicidal mission, was to happen for the independence they were seeking. Without Britain’s government they could finally be independent Englishmen. After a vote of 28 to 12, the American Revolution eventually took place. However the movie completely ignored the roles of the slaves in the American war. Furthermore, the way the lives of the slaves was portrayed in the movie was inaccurate since slaves during the eighteenth century were mistreated, forced to work the lands and had absolutely no rights. There was no doubt that South Carolina was full of slaves who worked the lands cultivating…show more content…
Britain realized it was losing control of its colonies, and once the war erupted sent troops to defeat the colonists who were rebelling . Those troops were motived to regain control no matter the costs, such as the standing armies would. The gruesomeness of the British troops was displayed accordingly especially when they attacked the Benjamins’ home. Although the movie did not include the slaves’ contribution to the Revolution, the situation that Britain and the colony found themselves in prior to the Revolution was pretty accurate. Negotiations were at a stand still as the colonists were waiting for word back from Britain regarding their demands. The demands could not be satisfied and the war began

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