Is Stormwater A Problem

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Sean Max Dr. Prince 5th Period Prompt: “Why is stormwater a problem, and what can you do to prevent it?” Words: 445 Stormwater; a quietly growing problem around the world. The same water molecules being constantly cycled in a process that will last forever, if not forever then certainly far past our existence as modern humans. What many people don’t fully understand is why it’s a problem in the first place. Our plastic fast food cups will biodegrade, right? It says so on the bottom of it! It sure will, in time. Until it does, however, it’ll be a cause to pollution in the water source that us humans use to swim in, water plants, and even drink. We’ll never filter every last thing out. The main reason why stormwater is a problem isn’t the fact that it works in a cycle and has never naturally regenerated, so it’s naturally polluted. One could make that argument, but the real truth is this; While sediment from highly eroded areas and sometimes insect legs do get washed up into the endless water cycle, that isn’t the main reason why it happens to be unsafe. It’s because us as civilized humans don’t properly throw away our garbage. We’ll throw bundled-up napkins onto the street like we don’t care.…show more content…
We have to filter water from freshwater sources such as lakes, rivers, and reservoirs; that’s precisely why Lake Sidney Lanier exists. If the water cycle gets polluted by, quite literally, our trash, it’ll affect what’s in the aforementioned areas. Water management has to filter the more polluted water, causing their jobs to be harder and the filters to be more efficient and abundant. Even then, after all the hard labor going into the purified water, it’s still not pure. After all the extra tax money used for purification, it’ll still have some unidentified particles in

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