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I. Introduction Stormwater drainage is a system intended to collect rain water or water runoff and allows it to flow to the drainage pipe or canal to prevent flooding. It is widely used in every roads and highways through the gutter and enables the water runoff or rain water to flow to the stormwater drainage inlet. Every single house has its own drainage pipe that connect to the stormwater drainage system to collect grey water so as not to easily full their own septic tanks which collects the black water from every house. Stormwater drainage system is very essential in every community, because it helps to control flooding which will prevent accidents especially when rainy season or a huge storm comes. II. Rationale Flooding is one of…show more content…
According to the latest census, it has 25,400 people in 3,918 households. Mataasnakahoy was created by virtue of Executive Order No. 308 signed by George Butte, acting Governor General of the Philippines on March 27, 1931, effective January 1, 1932. It has 16 barangays (smallest political unit) and its total land area is 2,376 hectares. It is bounded by Balete and Lipa City with Taal Lake limiting its western side (Lat 13.9603; Long 121.1158). The name Mataasnakahoy literally means "tall tree". The town is known for its cool climate due to its high elevation 379 metres (1,243 ft).” (Province of Batangas, 2013) One of the residential subdivision is Immaculate Conception Subdivision, located in one of the Barangays of Mataasnakahoy which is Barangay Upa, and also it is located behind the Municipal Hall of Mataasnakahoy. Immaculate Conception Subdivision has a population of 386 or 63 families. Its estimated total land area is 18,000 square meters. IV. General Description of the Project A. Project Description The proposed project will be the reconstruction of stormwater drainage system of the whole subdivision. The construction will have: • Improved stormwater drainage inlet • Drainage catch basin • Adding water canals on the area where flooding occurs • Adding of stormwater drainaget

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