Confusio Confusion

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School is formal setting where students address teachers by their last names and the teachers call their pupils by their first name. Instead of doing this, high school teachers should take the courtesy of students, and return the favor by identifying them by their last name as well. After all, it is a more formal approach, it causes less confusion in classes, and it also is easier on the teachers themselves. High school teachers should acknowledge their pupils by the last name because it is more formal. Besides, school is a formal environment, otherwise the teachers and staff would not dress as professionally or as elegantly as they already do. Plus students already are ordered to call their teacher by the last name. Another thing is that people feel more important when formally addressed in society. This has been noticed especially in teenagers that I have noticed. And the aftermath is that it gets people more prepared for life mentally when the world relies on their last name more and more to be called upon as they get older.…show more content…
One way is high schoolers being addressed by their last name. Although it is not always seen to have two people with the same first name in a class, it is even less common to have two people with the same last name. By calling people by their last name, whether they have the same first name as someone in the class or not, they know who that it is them called upon in class. Not their first name identical. In the case that there are two people with the same last name, address them by the last name first, then their first. In example, personally I would be recognized as Sharp, Mollie. But only in the situation of there being two people with the last name. So normally I would go by Sharp. By doing this, it will cause less anxiety attacks and confusion from people not knowing if they are the one called upon or

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