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My strongest poem I believe, is the Eulogy poem simply because I had to have more of an imagination when I wrote it. I have a very strong imagination. Although, my imagination is not very accurate when I am forced to use it for an assignment. Brainstorming took me at least 20 minutes. It was worth it because it was the best one I have written since Creative Writing class began. I put a lot of curiosity, hints of Elizabeth being suicidal, and suspicion in the poem. For example, “Last time I saw her was when……..”. That quote makes the reader suspect that something has happened to Elizabeth. Another example, “What do you mean you saw her a month ago”; That quote gives out a hint that she’s been missing for some time now; that is also when no one was paying attention to her well-being or her presence. When people feel that way, they do things to deal with the feeling of being mistreated; at school and/or at home. I personally, think that my Eulogy was my strongest because it speaks for people that often feel suicidal. But, it turned out to be good.…show more content…
I wanted to put as many clues as possible, so the readers would get the idea that she committed suicide; without me having to give out too much information. I personally think, I did not give much information to give the readers a hint about what was happening. There was a serious of events that happened that was supposed to make the reader guess what happened to Elizabeth. For example, “Although she did seem very depressed and lonely”. Another example “I don’t see her in places that I would usually see her at”. One more example, “She didn’t have any friend either”. So therefore, the reader was supposed to get a clue that Elizabeth committed suicide because she felt alone, no cared for her, and she had absolutely no

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