Irma Monologue

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Gina C. has a constellation of freckles tumbling over her left clavicle. Irma doesn’t know if it’s one that already exists, that already has a name - she usually has her eyes on the moon instead of the stars - but she wants to touch it, trace it with the very tip of her finger and then her tongue and make one up. She looks at the bright orange bra strap peeking out from under the neon blue of her tank top and she’s made of colors, Gina C, she’s like a Warhol, a pop song from before they were both born making her want to dance her close, peel her slowly and see... Gina C.’s tongue is blue from a jolly rancher she’s been sucking on, her lips tinged purple with it, and they’re pursed as she irons and Irma has been thinking about how to get her to come closer, to come here since yesterday when Gina C. let it drop that she’d broken up with her girlfriend. Her eyes on hers, direct, “So Krista and I are sooo fucking over...” and Irma looking right…show more content…
glances at the open door to make sure no one’s there, no one’s coming, no one’s gonna interrupt this, and Irma steps backwards into the cage, sinks back into a wall of tulle and wool and satin, synthetics and cottons, sensation upon sensation against her skin that’s already sparking, buzzing, and then, finally, Gina C. herself, plush and smelling like cloves and sugar and Irma doesn’t have time to remember that she doesn’t actually know what she’s doing before Gina C.’s tongue is in her mouth and after that she’s not thinking about anything but that and skin and soft and hot and her hands go where they want and Gina C. doesn’t stop her and Gina C.’s hands go too and Irma doesn’t stop her either and then there’s zippers in the way and awkward wrists until there, until yes and panting into each others mouths and kissing and oh she likes kissing, she likes this. It’s a different kind of dancing, but not alone like alone in her room, not alone, and she moves with her heartbeat thundering in her ears and oh oh oh oh
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