Comparing The Egyptian Pyramids Vs. The Feather Of Maat

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The ka is the spirit of the deceased. It represents the living things of the world and the characteristics of the person (Stalcup 73). When the person dies, the ka leaves the body and will, hopefully, ascend to be with the sun god, Re. The step pyramid was intentionally made to help the spirit climb and reach the sky. Once the spirit reached the Hall of Judgment, the heart had to be weighed against the feather of Maat. The feather of Maat is all things pure and trustworthy and represents justice. If the heart is lighter than the feather, the spirit can meet Re. If the heart is heavier than the feather, the spirit and soul will be fed to the Devourer (Ikram and Dodson 112). Yet this spirit still maintains a connection with the tomb of the dead. The spirit survives on the food and drink offerings given by the family, such as the foreleg of an ox. The ox leg was a meal traditionally served at funeral because it was a sacred and sacrificial animal (Ikram and Dodson 112). The body must stay similar to the person before they died so the spirit can…show more content…
This change in material had a much better economic advantage for the Egyptians. The layout of the inside of the pyramid was altered to prevent grave-robbing. Out of 80 pyramids, all were eventually robbed (Ikram and Dodson 119). The door of the tomb, which was originally on the northern side of the pyramid, was moved to a completely random spot. Sharp turns were added along with fake passageways and trapdoors. Mazes were introduced that lead to a decoy and the actual mummy (Ikram and Dodson 123). Although not all pyramids contained adventures for Indiana Jones, they all had a superstructure and a substructure. The substructure consisted of an underground chamber for the dead, while the superstructure had a room dedicated to prayer and offerings. The shape and the material of the pyramids were both used to benefit the mortal and immortal aspect of the

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