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Not only is the Dome of the Rock related to Judaism and Islam, but also it is associated with the Western Wall and the Al-Aqsa mosque. The Western Wall is less than four-hundred meters southwest of the Temple Mount and is as close to the destroyed Temple that the Jews can get to praying at the site of the destroyed Temple since the Muslims own that area. Historically, the Western Wall of the Temple Mount is considered sacred because it “was close to the Holy of Holies of the demolished Temple, where the Divine Presence was thought to linger” (Armstrong 235). The Western Wall’s divine presence was noted as “praying there is like praying directly to God through the wall” (Gonen 127). The Western Wall was not only important to the Jews, but it…show more content…
The center of this conflict is around the Jews not being able to pray at the Temple Mount, a place that has significant religious history to them. The reason the Jews cannot pray at the Temple Mount is because that entire area known as Haram a-Sharif in Arabic is considered to exclusively be a place of Muslim worship. For over a thousand years for Muslims, “the Haram [Temple Mount] has for many generation been an active place of prayer, while for the Jews the Temple Mount had been only a place of historical relevance and the object of messianic aspirations” (Gonen 149). One of the reasons why the Jewish community want to be allowed to pray at the Temple Mount and not just the Western Wall is that the Western Wall has “no holiness of its own but its importance derives from the Temple Mount,” and Temple Mount symbolizes the destruction of the temple and the expulsion of the Jews from Israel (Gonen 152). In addition, this reason also states “praying at the Western Wall only perpetuates the condition of exile while prayer on the Temple Mount is a symbol of freedom, of the return of the Jews to their homeland and to their holiest site” (Gonen 153). Furthermore, many followers of Jewish belief believed that the prophesized Third Temple would be…show more content…
The reason why the Jews would lose this religious battle is by looking at looking at the world population of the two religions in 2012, it is clear that the Muslims, who have over 1.6 billion people and make up thirty two percent of the world population, outnumber the Jews, who have a little over 14 million people and only make up one-fifth of a percent of the world population ("The Global Religious Landscape", 2012). It is interesting to see how kinetic of a space the location of the Dome of the Rock is as it was once just a hill of no significance, to the place where Abraham tried to sacrifice Isaac, to the place where Muhammad went on his Night Journey, and possibly could be the starting place of a religious war between Muslims and Jews. It is also interesting to note how interrelated the Dome of the Rock is to possibly the start of a third world

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