Mr. Dombey And Son Analysis Essay

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The author constructs a narration showing the family dynamics of the Dombey family. By including specific details and mocking diction, the author displays hatred of Mr. Dombey’s egotistical behavior and pity for Mrs. Dombey and Son having to put up with such conceit. Without going into a rant, the author’s narrative structure of observing the Dombeys as a distant, subjective viewer recounting an event, effectively directs the reader’s perceptions of the characters to match the author’s opinions. The author presents Mr. Dombey as a narcissist only concerned with his future by describing Dombey with damning details with critical diction. He mentions the “pompous” appearance Mr. Dombey keeps himself. Right away, the reader learns a physical detail of Mr. Dombey: the…show more content…
Instead of using positive words, such as “happy” or “confident,” the author shows hatred of Dombey through utilizing a negative adjective in place for a more endearing word to describe the character. Then, diving into what Mr. Dombey actually thinks, the author talks of how Mr. Dombey focuses only on the “long-looked-for” future of his business with a male heir in front of him. Dombey’s son is only a newborn. A father would be jumping with joy at having a newborn baby. However, Dombey cares solely for the future of the family business and does not enjoy other events besides financial success. The author shows Dombey to be a self-motivated man that lacks the love a father should have towards the birth of a child. Finally, Mr. Dombey giddily remarks to his wife how his son “will be christened Paul,” and blocks any refusal from her by stating “of course” that the name is perfect. The author presents Dombey as too egotistical to talk to his wife about what name she would like to give their son. His wife’s sickness leaves her incapable in consenting to the name without arguing; the exertion would be too much for her sick frame to handle. Yet, Mr. Dombey takes advantage of his

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