The Tell Tale Heart Insanity Analysis

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Insanity is another word for madness. In the story the “Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan poe refers to the narrator being insane. Going out of his mind throughout the book. This story starts off with a man being generous letting a man quite old maybe in his mid 70 or even 80’s, and it the man ends up letting him stay he is nice to him in the morning greets him good morning and is just very polite to him, but when it gets dark it's a whole other story he keeps checking on the old man but not just to check up on him oh no he is planning on killing him but in his mind he's not trying to kill the old man he's trying to kill the eye, yes the old man has somewhat of creepy looked to it so the man is trying to kill it. The man ends up killing the old man and ends up shoving him under the floorboards the man is very happy on what he has done but ends up confessing to the police in the end the man was arrested but he could still hear the man's heart. The Tell-Tale Heart has some…show more content…
“Dissemble no more I admit the deed tear up the planks here-here it is the beating of his hideous heart”(The Tell-Tale Heart P.?). The narrator is referring to the old man's heart for what I think the man's death has got to him and he can hear the old man's heart even though he is dead, which leads us to our second piece of information which is when before almost each night the man is silent but this night as he opens the door and he can hear the man groan a groan of fear almost knowing that the man here is planning on killing him, and this quote states “a groan of moaning” ( The Tell-Tale Heart )
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