British Army Swot Analysis

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100 Years Ago - Strength of the British Army (as at 1 Jan 1905) Regular Army 195,000 Colonial Troops or Native Indian Corps 14,000 Army Reserve 80,000 Militia 132,000 Yeomanry (Cavalry) 28,000 Totals 449,000 Note: Regular forces in India totalled 74,500 Three years previously Regular Army Totals by Corps were: Household Cavalry 1,390 Cavalry of the Line 20,200 Horse Artillery 3,483 Field Artillery 15,509 Mountain Artillery 1,200 Garrison Artillery 18,400 Royal Engineers 7,130 Foot Guards 5,873 Infantry of the Line 132,332 Colonial Corps 5,217 Army Service Corps 3,555 Ordnance Staff 920 Armourers 352 Medical Services 2,993 . 218,554 ROYAL NAVY SUMMARY STATISTICS PERSONNEL SUMMARY ROYAL NAVY Trained Strength Feb 2012 Officers 6,490 Other Ranks 27,730 Total 34,220 Note: The above figures include 7,300 Royal Marines…show more content…
These highly technical people also help in taking care of new inventions and skylon is one of them and they are partners in the existing companies that are noted for aircraft manufacturing in the world as a whole, and i think the aircraft itself is skylon. After building the planes, series of tests are done to make sure that they function perfectly-the engines, the fuel valves, the cables and others, there are tests pilots who are well trained to handle every situation. There was an idea to build a huge, superjumbo-sized robot aeroplane which would mainly be filled with fuel tanks containing cryogenic liquid hydrogen and oxygen. Technically, it is fitted with radical SABRE engines, and the Skylon would make a rolling takeoff from a runway, leaving its oxygen tanks untouched to begin with and using the surrounding air to burn its

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