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Part of growing up is learning how to adapt to changes. In the book, The Secret Life of Bees, written by Sue Monk Kidd, Lily Owens has to learn how to adapt to new changes such as living with the Boatwright sisters. After being fed up with her father’s horrid behavior, Lily takes a risk and decides to run away to Tiburon, South Carolina, with her father’s worker, Rosaleen, hoping to dig up more about her deceased mother‘s past. Throughout the novel, Lily discovers that love can be found even in the strangest places. Readers will see Lily go from a scared and abused child into a determined, dishonest, and jubilant independent teenager after she decides to run away from home in hopes of learning more about her mother. She has to do this while living in constant fear of being found by her abusive father. As readers first start the novel, Lily Owens is seen as a determined 14-year-old girl who will stop at nothing to find out more about her mother. After getting into a fight with T. Ray, Lily thinks to herself:…show more content…
She’s constantly found lying while trying to figure out the true reason her mother left. She’s constantly trying to cover up her life with lies. Once Lily leaves her hometown, she is forced to come up with an entirely new life story on the spot. When Lily and Rosaleen first meet the Boatwright sisters, she lies about her life in hopes of them not knowing the true reason they’re in Tiburon: “‘Rosaleen… Smith, and Lily… Williams,’ I lied and then launched in. ‘See, my mother died when I was little... they were going to send me to a home.’” (73) After Lily discovers her mother had once stayed with the Boatwright sisters, she decides to investigate which is why her and Rosaleen both show up at the June’s door. The only reason Lily is dishonest in the novel, is because she’s forced to lie if she wishes to learn more about her mother while keeping as much distance as possible between her and her

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