Informative Speech On Instaggram

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How much do you use Instagram in your daily routine? Almost everyone can say they apply this app in their everyday life. Instagram is an app that has taken over the world with a network of about 1.57 billion. It was released on October, 6 2010, and it was first called “Burbn”. If you love Instagram, you have Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger to thank for being the ones to create one of the biggest apps in history. With over 800 million current users, you could definitely say that Instagram has impacted the world. The reason the release of Instagram was such a big moment in history is because we use it for about everything now. If we want to share pictures from an event in our lives, we post it on Instagram. If we want to show our creativity, we post our creations on Instagram. If we want to meet new people and interact with friends, we search on Instagram. Whether you want to believe it or not, Instagram has positively affected our lives tremendously since it was released in 2010.…show more content…
Most of us won’t even ever see that many people in our whole lives. This app is how people share their lives with each other. Many people believe Instagram is negatively affecting our lives, but it actually helps us with everyday struggles. In fact, Instagram helps friends and family stay in touch with each others lives. About everyone has family members that live too far away to see very often. Instagram helps family members still be apart of each others lives no matter how far away they are. For example, if a girl’s sister moves away for college, they can still keep in touch through Instagram. Texting can only get so fun, but communicating through Instagram never gets old. If Instagram was never created, we wouldn’t have a fun way to share good memories with our families. Instagram has only made life

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