Argumentative Essay: Is Ned Kelly A Hero Or A Villain

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Debating Arguments Good Afternoon Teachers and fellow students, Before I put forward my case for today, I will define today’s motion, “Ned Kelly is a hero or a villain”, according to the Oxford dictionary of English a hero is defined as ‘a person, typically a man, who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities’ and a villain is defined as ‘a person or thing responsible for specified problems, harm, or damage, a criminal’. As the first speaker of our debating team, I put forth that we disagree, for Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly was a Villain. During the time of Ned Kelly’s life the police force were not armed with guns to defend against bush rangers or criminal thieves, therefore there being many unjustified crimes. Ned Kelly robbed and murdered from stage coaches to banks leaving many people broke, who then starved and lived terrible lives in poverty. This was due to money being hard to possess, as a result of there being low economic activity as well as extreme hardships for those who lived during the time of early Australia.…show more content…
If Ned Kelly felt he was unjustified he ought to have used the right means of the time. These means included courts, not revolting and disobeying against authority, infringing upon the laws and murdering numerous innocent individuals . He was a hypocrite to his own self. He was seeking 'revenge' by reason that he believed the police had violated the law, which very rightly they may have, however Ned Kelly is depicted to represent what Australians are ‘believed' to be, respectful, deferential individuals yet does this mean we additionally go around disobeying order and murdering any person who pesters us and afterward not expect to be served justice and equity through the

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