The Indian Trader's Frontier Chapter Summary

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Tuner opens up his thesis explaining that a frontier in non existant, which allows for more settlement across the west. Turner later goes on to say how as a society frontier barriers are broken. Tuner then makes a comparison between the frontier of the old world and new world; stating how the new world has many terretoeries to discover. Along with that, Turner lets the reader understand how European life help shape decisions of the Americas. Opening his section of frontier advancement, Tuner illustrates how new lands in the Americas were settled. This impacted how transportation would be needed. The area of stttlement around indian territory become problematical. Due to new water trnsportations it allowed for Hardly, a new state teeretory to arise. In the middle of the century it included states like Oregon and California. Turner speaks about the…show more content…
This section of his thesis discusses how the Indian trader’s frontier influclunced the discovery in America. This was explained in the way settlers would explore the wilderness. This helped shaped transportion for the new world and making it increasingly more civilized. Taking advantage of Indian land made this all possible. Transitioning into the ranching and farming frontier, Turner notes that it was important for rancher to have the ability to self transport their needs. As farming developed there was a sense of separation between the east and the west. Tuner then explains tha there were three classes that impacted this frontier, which include the pioneer, purchase of lands, and enterprise. Turner briefly talks about composite nationality. He explains how at first most settlers were English, but as America became more colonized it saw far more non English immgrnats and before. This ties into how America slowly transitions into a independent nation and no longer needing assistance from

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