Informative Essay On Hunting Eichmann

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As World War II ended in Europe Allied forces looked before them at the Third Reich which had caused mass damage and causalities than ever before. Learning from the mistakes of the past, Allied powers decided to punish specific powers versus whole nations as in previous worldwide incidents. Nazi leaders and others involved were brought to trial in Nuremberg, Germany for their fates to be decided by professionals from around the world. Most infamous Nazi leaders took fate into their own hands pursuing suicide. One leader in particular took a different route. SS lieutenant colonel and operational manager of the Nazi genocide, Adolf Eichmann, had escaped capture. Rumors swelled around his whereabouts and even if he was alive or not. It was clear…show more content…
As one reads through this narrative, one anxiously awaits the ultimate fate to the notorious Adolf Eichmann as luck seems to be on his side most of the time. Leaders increasingly had an engaging time deciding who or how to punish criminals. Organization lacked and varied based on the power in control. By April 1945, they had only organized seven investigative teams, containing twelve men each to find war criminals. An Anglo-American operation called Paperclip contained 3,000 investigators who searched for German scientists to arrest and apprehend information before the Russians could. Information became deemed as more valuable than Nazi criminals who needed to pay for their actions. Post World War II, a new feud was beginning between the United States and the new formed Soviet Union. Thus why information linked to technological and scientific advancements could be an important advantage for the future. Overlooked were the crimes committed despite Allied forces physically liberating concentration camps, seeing the atrocities first hand. Underestimated was the damage done by these labor camps and the number of innocent people who perished from orders from Eichmann himself. Prior to liberation plans by

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