Sodium Chromatography Lab Report

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DATA AND OBSERVATIONS In procedure A separate condiment containers (5) and filled with substances. In first container of pure Sodium Chloride which did not light the bulb on the conductive meter, the second container of pure sucrose also tested negative along with the third container of distilled water which tested negative on the meter. For four container of salt solution it tested positive and the sucrose solution showed a faint light from the bulb registering as slightly conductive. Using new containers (2) one was marked with Expo and the other with sharpie. In the first test distilled the Expo but not sharpie. It redone again, this time with sugar water, and salt water. Both yield the same results, in which both dissolved the Expo…show more content…
The purpose of chromatography is used for the separation of a mixture of compounds into its individual components or in this case the pigments of compound/mixture. Based on the results the Expo marker is the mixture, based on the movement of pigments. However, this does not exclude the permanent as a mixture as it contains glyceride a fatty acid that is nonpolar thus explaining why it did not travel up the filter paper. Overall, dark colors traveled the least while bright colors travel the most, leading to point that dark color maybe "heavier" than light colors. In this case if the markers contain the same color it does not necessarily implies that they are both made up of the same chemical composition. For example, if this experiment was done with two different pens but with the same color it may yield the same result as above it may disclose that although the same color they are made up of a different composition. Cohesion and adhesion plays a role in the surface tension shown in procedure D. This allows the drops of solution to stick to the surface of the penny. From this the distilled water had a higher average followed by the salt solution then the sugar solution. This may lead to the conclusion that bonding between the substance whether it be NaCl or sucrose will easily break the surface tension, thus a lower average than distilled water. In which salt ions may play in role by disrupting the hydrogen bonding explaining why it spilled rather quickly than distilled

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