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Gene Simmons Most monster, when the light comes, on will go and hide. However when the stage lights shine bight on gene his “demon” comes out. Gene Simmons, the lead singer of KISS had a difficult childhood; when he was in junior high he had one dream, to have girls scream at him, this dream is the sole reason gene Simmons is the rock star he is today. Gene Simmons was original born under the witz august 25, 1949, in Haifa Israel (weintraud 20). Shortly after his birth genes father, yechiel witz, left Florence witz, genes mother, after a fight about money. As a young child gene mostly kept to himself, but as he grow older he strived to get more attention. Gene said “I had to establish myself as the loud kid, the show off, the kid who always…show more content…
They stayed with family as gene attended yeshiva, a Jewish private school. As he went to school he slowly learned English, and changed his name from chaim witz to gene Klein. Klein had been his mother’s madden name. Also he thought gene sounded more American. After a year of yeshiva genes mother moved him into a Brooklyn public school. Through his childhood, gene was very interested in television and comic books. On February 1964 while gene was watching the Ed Sullivan show he saw the Beatles preform live. This was the first time gene considers becoming a rock star. He said, “they came on stage and the entire Beatles phenomenon just hit me like ton of bricks, all at once, as hard as anything had ever hit me.” (weintraud 21). Gene really admired the Beatles, an English rock band, and he wanted to have the fame that they had (weintraud 21). Another reason was that gene liked the idea of girls going crazy over him like they did the Beatles. After that gene stated entering dance contests at school. Gene and two other students put together his first band called lynx. He explained “the seed of what would later be called kiss were planted during this period: television, the Beatles, super heroes, science fiction, and

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