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Bigfoot Introduction: Many think he is a myth, some think he is real, this mysterious creature is known as Bigfoot. Big foot has a long history starting from the 1950’s, over these years, there have been many sightings, but many of them have either been misidentified or just a hoax. This creature is thought to live in forests in North America, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region. He is known to look like a Sasquatch. Many people believe this creature is fake because of the lack of evidence and how many times people this creature has been said to be spotted, when there is one thought to exist in all of North America. 1st body paragraph: Bigfoot is thought to be 2-3 meters tall and weighting approximately 500 pounds, he is described as a hairy ape-like…show more content…
One famous example of a misidentification was in 2007, a when a man named hunter Jacobs put an automatic triggering camera on a tree and captured an image of what he thought would be Bigfoot, however the Pennsylvania Game Commission, which is a responsible for wildlife conservation, said that the photo was just wild bear with mange, which is a disease where the animal loses hair on its body. One of the most popular example of a hoax was in 2008, when two men named Mathew Whitton and Rick Dyer claimed that they have found a dead sasquatch in Georgia, they even submitted a video on YouTube of it, after this, one of the biggest Bigfoot searching companies named rewarded the two men $50,000 for their efforts in finding Bigfoot and this story was covered by many news networks, such as CNN, BBC, Fox News and many more, at the end the evidence arrived in a block of ice, but it was a hoax, the hair was fake, the feet made of rubber and the two men admitted that it was all a hoax. To this day, there has been no real evidence of Bigfoot, and many scientist claim that this creature is just a

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