Mistakes In Lost Cities And Lost Treasure By Heinrich Schliemann

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In life we all make poor decisions. What is important of those decisions is that we learn something from them .When making a mistake we may not even realize it until the consequences. In these choices the outcome is lessons that can make someone grow as a person. In science I think mistakes are part of what leads to discovery. In “Lost cities and lost treasures” a young archeologist named Heinrich Schliemann began searching for the lost troy city. He made a fortune in the gold rush which began his second career in archeology .He then found a partner named Frank Calvert who was shy and liked to keep his work quiet. They did find troy but ruined much land in the process. To this day many say “Was the damage worth the cause?” In this state there…show more content…
In paragraph one it states “Scientist work for decades and making mistakes might cause problems not progress. “Meaning that no good can ever come from making a mistake.Also saying that science is basically for perfect people to always make perfect choices. This passage feels one sided and seems to look down upon making mistakes. Another passage that is against mistakes is “A series of quotations about error and discovery. “One quote states “Love the truth but pardon error” By Francis.V .This means to me that there is acceptance for everything except mistakes. This shows that people have been against mistakes since back in earlier times .I think that we should accept everything in life including mistakes. In “How a melted chocolate changed our kitchen .”A young man named Percy Spencer had accidently melted chocolate which gave him a great idea. He did constant work where he took risks and chances to learn about radiation. Volunteering to be one of three working on electric power circuit. He then went into the navy without actual training just taught himself through mistakes and practiced the ropes. Later he joined a company into adulthood growing educationally with the

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