Pink Floyd During The 1970's

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During the 1970’s, many people began to question the government’s viewpoints of war. They either agreed with the government that going towards war is acceptable or they disagreed. Many forms of art got people to think about the true definition of the word war. People began to speak out their opinions. One example of this was in the Rock Band Pink Floyd. They created many songs that spoke about war. The band used their music to express their opinions about war. With expressing their feelings, they influenced their listeners. During the 1970’s, the album the Wall by Pink Floyd influenced society and changed the opinions of many on War. Pink Floyd were an English rock band from London (Pink Floyd #1-5). They came to become a band in the year 1965. The main members of the group were Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright. After Barrett left the band in 1968, Roger Waters became the band’s primary lyricist. They released their most popular album “The…show more content…
I interviewed my dad, John Parascandolo, about how Pink Floyd affected his life. He has seen them 6 times in concert. Pink Floyd has played a big role in him growing up and maturing. I interviewed him to see how greatly the band’s art affected his view on war. He stated “Pink Floyd’s music and the movie made me understand how people in England felt during World War II versus people in the United States.” He explained how it opened his eyes to how people lived during the War in England since the United States didn’t have major war fighting in our Home Front, except for Pearl Harbor. “I didn’t fully understand what it was like for a child living during World War II to grow up and not have a father” he explained. The music helped him understand that parents could go to war and leave home their children. He never experienced this since none of his parents got drafted into war, so the music helped put a different viewpoint in his

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