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Achieve Body Satisfaction by Learning Self Massage to Relieve Stress Massage is an effective way to relieve the body from stress and tiredness. During a massage, different body parts responds to the pressure applied to it. It triggers the release of endorphins that fights stress and encourages relaxation. Massage therapist are the experts when it comes to identifying pressure points and applying enough pressure on them. They are trained in giving those soothing touches that promote a feeling of calmness. Don’t be sad when you had a rough day and there’s no massage therapist to help you out of your misery, there are self massage to relieve stress techniques and can be learned and done easily at home. Let us start with the head. This can come…show more content…
If the legs were not given proper care and massage it could lead to leg soreness. • Start on the upper part of the leg. Using your fingers, gently massage the upper part and work your way down to the knees. You can use circular movements or simply apply pressure in random parts. Go back to the upper part once you reached the knees. Don’t forget to apply pressure on the back part too and do the same with the other leg to have balance. • Now massage your lower leg in a wiping manner and apply pressure on the calves using your fingers. Apply the same method with the other lower leg. • For better results, place a pillow on the lower side of the bed and place your legs there when you are going to sleep. The blood circulation will help in releasing the tension faster. The feet are one of the tricky parts during massage because it often induces a tickling sensation. Since you are doing this by your own you can control the pressure on your feet. • Start by placing your foot onto the seat and use your fingers to massage your toes. Pinch each toe and the surface around it. • Now apply pressure on the sole of your foot. It can either be in a circular or wiping manner. Also massage the heel but do not apply much

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