Kurt Caselli's Hero

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A hero is defined as, "a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities." In other words a hero is someone who is very brave and does very brave things. As a professional dirt bike rider, I see bravery all the time. A dirt bike is a finely tuned machine but even if the bike is in perfect shape and nothing is wrong someone could still get dramatically hurt. Each time a rider gets on the bike and starts it up it's a battle. A battle to stay on the bike despite his muscles slowly growing more and more tired, his lungs being pumped to the max and still not being able to obtain enough oxygen, the terrain throwing everything it can at him to throw him off, and the potential for his bike to malfunction. Most of the time a rider can overcome these obstacles and ultimately win the battle between machine and man. But sometimes the bike wins and the rider is left to deal with the consequences. Kurt Caselli was a man who was brave enough to face the bike numerous times but eventually his luck ran out and he ended up losing the battle.…show more content…
He was an amazing rider and even better man. He had many accomplishments such as three National Hare and Hound championships, an AMA sportsman of the year award, three WORCS championships and many other awards and honors. But Kurt was much more than his trophies and medals, Kurt was a hero. Along with his bravery; his determination, dedication, and kindness also make him my hero. He was the type of guy to stop and give a kid some tips on how to shift smoother because he noticed him struggling. Everyone in the racing world knew who Kurt was and looked up to him. He's a legend and a hero to

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