Importance Of Treasure In My Best Friend Mattie Sandifer

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y treasure is my best friend Mattie Sandifer.She helps me me when I am down and I do the same.We have been best friend for 3 years and no matter what she will be forever in my heart.Treasure is defined more as an object than a person ; a quantity of precious metals, gems, or other valuable objects.There are many treasures possible to have but people who care about you are the only treasures you need. I meet Mattie in a dark place but she lifted me up and that is what you need a friend to do.She makes me laugh when I am sad and is weird just like me.One day I was at her house and had to leave and then she called me and said to come back because there was a stranger in her house.So I got my dad to turn back around and when I showed up there was no one in her house .She thought someone opened her fridge and were robbing her .She even had knives in her hand when I came in.It was funny and it showed what I truly love about her.That day it seemed like we grew even closer. When I was turning twelve my dad said he might not throw me a party. I was sad because every year for all my life I had one.Mattie saw how much I wanted a party so she through me one.She invited me over and her house was decorated and some of our friends that lived close were there.They made cupcakes that we could decorate and whipped cream because I did not like regular frosting.Even though they gave me no presents it was one of the greatest gifts I ever received. My mom was in and out of jail,doing drugs,and threatening her boyfriend.I wanted to hate her for tearing our family apart but she was my mom and i felt like she needed my love.My

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