Importance Of Romantic Writing: Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

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Make Your Bedroom More Romantic Keywords: decoration idea romantic bedroom clutter The bedroom is one place in the house where we usually spend most of the time. This is the place where we rest, sleep, read our favorite book, and so on. Basically, we go to our bedrooms to relax. This is also probably one of the most intimate rooms in the house. Because the bedroom is usually for relaxation, we sometimes focus too much on comfort and coziness that we forget one important aspect that every room should have: romance. With all the clutter and mess that most bedrooms suffer, romance in the feel your space is often neglected. After a long day’s work, we might be looking forward to laying in a comfortable bed with cozy sheets and blankets. Yet…show more content…
Good thing there are things you can do for your space to exude more romance. There are simple design and decoration ideas that you can employ to your own space to make it romantic. 1. Clean up the clutter. Yes, I already previously mentioned that the mess in the bedroom might be too much. Always remember that a cramped and messy bedroom is never sexy and romantic. The bedroom would feel more like a warehouse or a storage that a space for sleeping and relaxation. Get rid of the clutter on the floor. Keep those that make you feel sexy and confident and get rid of the rest. 2. Set up sexy lighting. Lighting is the one thing that immediately sets the mood of your space. To make for a more romantic feel, switch to recessed lighting when you feel it. The idea is to create some sexy shadows which will instantly turn on a sexy mood. Glaring light is never an option for turning up the passion. Keep some parts dim and keep lighting soft and…show more content…
Make curtains and draperies more romantic. Choose some plush and dark curtains for your bedroom. They are very alluring and would definitely turn up the passion. First of all, they curb external noise and prevent unnecessary light from outside from coming in. These things are distracting you from the romance. Also, when these curtains and draperies catch the wind, the effect would be very alluring and passionate, turning up the romance. 5. Bring in the scents. We all know romance is about stimulating the senses. Once you get the visual part of the room covered, it is time to focus on the olfactory sense. The right scents in your own space would put you in the mood for the passion. It is favorable if you choose some scented candles. Putting in some flowers for a floral fragrance would also make for a more romantic bedroom. The idea for choosing the scents is to select one that brings back some good memories especially with your partner, probably the first time you

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