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The 3 issues in Ohio Having a government is very important. It affects how we live one's daily life. Some people think of a government as the President making the decisions and fixing the issues. While that is true the state one lives in can have issues and amendments that need the voters approval. The 3 issues in Ohio right now are First the Bipartisan Redistricting Commission. Second is the Initiated Monopolies amendment. Lastly is the Legalization of Marijuana. These issues are very important for the citizens of Ohio. Many different people have different opinions on these issues. In the First issue in Ohio is the Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Amendment. This would approve a redistricting plan for ten years, a bipartisan vote of four members, two from each major political party, would be required. In the past one political party would decide how it would be organized for the districts. This would cause a huge problem, because parties would favor oneself and gain a higher district. This issue would like to solve that problem by creating a coequal compromise between two…show more content…
This amendment would require the Ohio Ballot Board to determine whether an initiative would create an economic monopoly or special privilege for any non public entity, including individuals corporations and organizations. This amendment is in response to issue three. This would allow for ten growers. This amendment is against monopolies and disagrees that any business should be able to produce this product as long as it follows the law. This amendment not only affects the marijuana industry but it affects all business and is meant for all. It is an excellent idea,monopolies aren't fair for other businesses. It would create an equal state for businesses, this would solve disputes and issues for the citizens of Ohio. Many would go for this issue considering it benefits issue three and solves many issues having to due with

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