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Practise makes perfect – but it’s not just about the amount of practice with the saxophone, it’s also about the quality of the exercise. Your sax practice should be a variation of different things, as it’s the only way to guarantee you improve your skill set in different technical aspects of playing. To help you out, we’ve included some of the most essential exercises to master the saxophone. If you want to add variety and creativity to your music lesson, then check out these fun exercises. Plain and Simple First, you must have a good understanding of the notes and the accidentals. You don’t have to be able to play them perfectly, but you should have the fingering of the note in mind as you see it. You could play these exercises in all the key’s – in fact, you should try to progress as you advance. But for the clean and simple exercise, you should start with the key C, F and G.…show more content…
As you get better, you can continue speeding up and playing as fast as possible! Fast and Advanced If you are comfortable with your sax skills and want to step it up a notch, try the following exercise. You should play the sequence in A, E, D, B, G, and F key to truly test your skills. This tests your understanding of the arpeggios. Play the following sequence: C F F# Bb B Eb E A Ab D Db G Gb Try to be experimental with the tempo. Try to be as fast as possible without making a mistake, but add variation to your tempo of play as well. You could even add a different backing track to support your practice. High and

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