Importance Of Employment Contract

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Employment contract is an agreement between employees and employers. So before starting for a new work, it is advisable for an employee to know their rights and responsibilities, so as the employer’s. Once you enter into the contract it is presume that you agree with the terms and conditions in your free will and that the terms are agreed on a voluntary basis. Employers and employees have responsibilities to one other; they should also anticipate their rights to be upheld. Furthermore, it is important that employees understand their contract to avoid breach. It is not necessary that a contract should be put into writing it can be agreed orally and it can be valid, however a written contact will avoid misunderstanding since either of the party…show more content…
This includes employers’ payment of wages and the workers must carry out their duties. By carefully preparing the contract and giving enough time to provide the contract for each employee it will minimize the conflict and uncertainty about the employment relationship. Thus, a written contact can give additional protections which are exceptionally valuable to a business, such as adding a clause about garden leaven, the ability to collect payment in lieu of notice rather than require the individual to work out their notice etc. In some business, confidential information and intellectual property is Important and needs to be protected which the contract may include in some way to require protection by way of restrictive covenants, such as customer connections, trade secrets and confidential…show more content…
Employees are expected to take out their work in a way that has regard to the safety of their co-employees. Employers on the other hand, are expected to abide by a variety of requirements governing such aspects as providing safe machinery and equipment, carrying out standard health and safety checks, making sure the training of employees in health and safety issues, and carrying out a risk assessment to evaluate the dangers of particular work activities. There are also specific policies about the way in which potentially dangerous substances should be used and stored. There are a number of requirements about the minimum temperature at work, and other aspects of working conditions. If in any case, all safety measures failed, there is also another act provided for employees, their rights for entitlements for rehabilitation. At the same time, injured employees are responsible for promptly reporting to their supervisor the details of any accident, injury or disease which may be work-related. The injured employee has also responsibilities for cooperating with their employer, case manager or rehabilitation provider to attain a full return to work when it is possible. Hence, foreign employees may receive other entitlement which will also be stated on the contract of employment, such as the fare from the country of origin at the start and finish of the term agreed. Another benefit, is a gratuity payment,

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