Importance Of Budget Time

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Having a budget for time is important for students because it can help them manage the things that may take less or more time than they expected, it can help the with a schedule, and it can help them learn to have more time to do things more requires to be done. Maybe, a student has no free time, learning to budget their time is something that can help them have some time to themselves. Or maybe the student is always late to important meetings or places that they have to go to, in this case learning to budget their time would come in handy because they can get to the places they need to be at on time. Being on time is also good for their reputation and students will look like better people that way. The first reason why I think that students having to learn to budget their time is a good idea is because it can help them manage things that may take more or less time. For example if a student has homework that takes more time than he originally thought, and he also has to fit in time to go to his little brothers concert, if he knew how to manage time he may have done his homework earlier, so that he would have time to do his work correctly and not be in a hurry to go support his…show more content…
Even if you have a really busy day, you can manage your time and get what you need done, done, without any problems. If students learn how to budget time, they would know to get the more important things done first, and then do the less important things later. For example, if a student has a ten page essay that's due tomorrow, but really wants to finish playing their game of Fortnite, even if its 11:00 p.m. at night, he should know to do his essay first, then go to sleep, and then maybe finish his game later on that week. Over all, he should be able to get his work done, and maybe get a few hours to

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