Impact Of A Clean Well-Lighted Place By Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway was one of the most successful fictional writer of his time, his distinctive style in literature separated him from many other famous writers. Like many other great writers before him, Hemingway later suffered with mental distress and ended up killing himself. Even though, his life was short lived, Hemingway’s stories and lessons still continued to live on till this day. Hemingway’s most unique short story, “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place”, published in 1933, greatly impacted American literature, and this short story is one of Hemingway’s best works of literature. The story’s setting featured a cafe, in which there is a lonely old man who is trying to drink his night away, but his stay was unwelcomed by one of the two waiters…show more content…
Furthermore, given the time when the story is taking place, the soldier had passed his curfew time and the guards are out looking for any undisciplined soldiers like him. The soldier is taking a huge risk being out and about with this girl at this time, moreover, Hemingway mentioned, “The girl wore no head covering and hurried beside him”(143). By mentioning that the girl had no head covering on, given the time and the couple are rushing fearfully somewhere, it indicated that the girl who is with the soldier, could’ve been a prostitute. Additionally, any respectable women that could be in the time frame of this story would’ve have had to have a head cover on, thus further proving that the girl with the soldier is more likely to be a prostitute. The action of this soldier is evidence to prove that he could have possibly been feeling lonely, and to combat his loneliness in his life, he would try to get compassionate and intimacy from a prostitute. Unfortunately, to the soldier this is only a temporary fix to combat the loneliness he is facing, because possibly the next day he would be finding himself inevitably alone again, let alone, faces the consequences for not obeying his

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