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Hypothyroidism We have a gland located in our neck, which makes hormones that control the way every cell in our body use energy. When this organ does not produce or make enough of this product, a condition is created which is called an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism. This defect usually happens to women that are over the age of 50. It does occur with men as well. The thyroid is located just above where the collarbones meet at the front of the neck. Hypothyroidism is mostly caused by swelling or inflammation of the glands. Most of the cells in this gland become destroyed or considered damaged and they are not able to produce the normal amounts of hormone for the body. Sometimes a person may have a weak immune system and this also…show more content…
By having to overwork to keep up with the production, this remaining portion usually fails the job not being able to maintain this effort for long periods of time or even years. It has been found that the common cold is a factor to hypothyroidism and many other repertory infections. Such medicines as lithium, and amiodarone also can contribute to this defect. Women who bleed extremely during pregnancy fall subject to this disease. Even when receiving treatment using radiation to the neck or brain areas can lead to hypothyroidism. There are many symptoms that come about with this disease. Some people encounter at early stages hardening of the stool or constipation. They may become more sensitive to cold environments and temperature. At many times a person may feel very tired and have a lack of energy to do most of normal daily tasks. Women can suffer from heavier or irregular menstrual cycles. Body aches, joint and muscle pain can occur. Some people begin to have dry or pale skin. Even the loss of hair, becoming thin and easily falling out. The fingernails can start to become weak, thin enough to break off easily. A person can experience weight gain and may also become depressed or start having sad feelings. As hypothyroidism develops longer, a person may experience a lack of taste or smell, including hoarseness of the voice and throat area. The face…show more content…
Levothyroxine is a medicine used to induce the production of this hormone. It is most commonly used to treat patients with the problem thyroid. Once a person starts taking this medicine, it is very possible that they will remain on it for the rest of their life. In most cases, the levels become normal when a person receives the right treatment. There are times when the levels can get too low, caused by an infection, illness, certain medicines that are taken that disagree with the body or even getting too cold. A person will need to be treated in a medical facility and may need help to breathe. They may be given oxygen or even fluids added to their system to keep them stable. Long term damage can cause them to rely on intensive-care handlers. When someone gets to this point, they may have below normal blood pressure, low sugar levels, poor breathing, and even can become unresponsive. They can also become very moody at

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