Beowulf's Strengths

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Beowulf is based on the main character, Beowulf, obviously considering the title. Throughout the story there are events that prove Beowulf’s strengths and skill. As well as showing that he is fearless and confident in himself. By watching over and protecting his people, he is sent to defeat monsters and a dragon. With the last defeat ending his glory days. Beowulf tells a tale of a man who takes chances to make his mark in the world. Beowulf, son of Shield Sheafson, leader of the Geats. People knew he was going to be a great success. After his father passed away, it was his job to take care of the Danes. Beowulf showed determination in what he knew he had to accomplish. He was their hero, their protection; without Beowulf they knew they would not be able to handle destruction. “Beowulf is my name (343),” the way he represents himself shows that he is confident. “I am ready and willing to report my…show more content…
That also being proved by Wiglaf, “He held to his high destiny (3084).” Though it does not seem like much is proven, it is the fact that someone else said that. For example, when you do something nice for the community, word gets around. People talk about how kind or nice of a citizen you are. The point being that when someone else says something nice it means a lot more than if you were the one to be saying that about yourself. “No king of any neighbouring clan would dare face me with troops, none had the power to intimidate me. (473-476),” which is true considering no warrior ever tried to harm him. The most unpleasant thing people did was talk bad about him when he was around. No one had the courage to actually put Beowulf in

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