The Crucible: Reputation Vs. Integrity

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The overall theme of Arthur Miller's The Crucible is reputation vs. integrity. Reputation is how other people perceives someone, while integrity is how you perceive one's self. Some characters, like Reverend Parris, wanted to protect/preserve their reputations during the trials while other, such as John Proctor, chose to protect/preserve their integrity. As we learn in the background information Reverend Parris is fairly new to the city of Salem, so his reputation is already tarnished. In Act 1 Reverend Parris' daughter, Betty Parris, is in an unusual coma after he discovers that Betty, Abigail, Parris' niece, Tituba, Parris' slave from Barbados, and several other girls were "dancing" in the woods. Susanna Walcott proclaims that it must be

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