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In “The Maid’s Daughter” Olivia and her mother Carmen, had a tough relationship. It was far from the typical mother daughter relationship that would be expected when the two leave the rest of their families and only have one another to rely on for that family support. Although they had their ups and downs, Carmen only wanted to make sure that she provided the best possible life for her child. There were times when Olivia had a hard time understanding the choices that her mother made and was perceived as being ungrateful. If it were not for the efforts that her mother, Carmen made, then Olivia’s life would have turned out very different. The main topic that this book continues to go back to throughout the story is that of the concept of…show more content…
In an effort to do so, she would spend her summers in Mexico with her family. There was also a sense of togetherness that the maids in the quarter would demonstrate. They would all gather together on Sundays and eat and talk with one another. Being away from their homes in a new place brought them all together. But the life of an immigrant is not a simple one. Having to leave one’s home and travel to a place that is unfamiliar and without any family to fall back on is incredibly difficult . The brave decision to do so on Carmen’s part was really heroic in the sense that she was taking on the unknown for her daughter. Immigrating definitely had an effect on the family dynamic. Not only were Carmen and Olivia separated from their families but they were also forced to form new bonds with the other maid’s in the quarter. Although this helped them adjust, it was a different dynamic than they would have had with their own families. There was also a strain on Carmen and Olivia’s relationship that was due to the move that they made from Mexico to Los Angeles, had they not made the move then those issues would not have arised. Olivia felt that she was being abandoned by her mother when she was spending time with the children of the Smith family but then those same feelings came up when Carmen felt that she was being neglected when Olivia moved into her own room instead of sleeping with her every night, it was issues such as these that caused a rift in their

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