African American Women In The Help

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The Help, a novel written by Kathryn Stockett (2009), is a story portraying the struggles of living in this time period as a wealthy white woman or a poor African American maid. The story is mainly told from the point of view of two black maids named Minny and Aibileen, who dared to go against all the rules of their society and assist in the writing of a book written by Miss Skeeter to tell what it would really be like being to be a black maid in Jackson, Mississippi. This story takes place amongst the years where racial tension is high due to the massive civil rights movement being made toward equality between whites and blacks. However, in a place like Jackson Mississippi,the Jim crow laws are still in play which legalized segregation, thus…show more content…
From there her sole purpose is to have children, take care of the the house, cook, and clean while the husband is at work. The few woman that lived in the south that do get an education and wanted to have a real job for themselves, were usually made fun of and given no respect from the other women. This can be seen with Miss Skeeter in the Help. She went against the social norm of husband hunting and went to school to get a real education in order to pursue her dream of becoming an author. However she did still belong to the Junior League and was is in tight with other high-society ladies. She had been best friends with Hilly Holbrook and Elizabeth Leefolt (who are villainous characters) since grade school. But as the story progresses, Skeeter became more and more distanced from this safe social status and went, as they say, “rogue”. She went completely against all social barriers by socializing with black maids in an effort to truly show what being a maid in Jackson,Mississippi is like. Minny Jackson says “You ain't nothin' left here but enemies in the Junior League. You've done burned every bridge there is. And you ain't never gonna get another man in this town. Everybody knows that. So don't walk your white butt to New York, run it! (The Help film Tate Taylor,2011)” going against social norms is extremely detrimental to someone’s life in this time period, but if determined enough like Miss Skeeter to make it past the challenges given off by society, huge change can be made in the
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