How To Virickle Racism In Seraphina

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Humans beings are complex. The complexity is due to many human attributes. For example negative or positive emotions such as hate or love towards different groups of people. A societal connection of this is racism. Racism occur in our…show more content…
An example of racism is during World War Two, when the Nazi Party was very racist against Jews and other races. The Nazi Party also believed that they were the best and superior to other races. Most of the racism in Seraphina is directed at the Dragon kind. For example, Viridus says that “Dragons have no souls.”(8).This states that Viridus hates dragons and thinks they are just a nuisance. Viridus is the music instructor of Seraphina. Viridus is strict and highly sexist, but loved Seraphina's music and hired her as his assistant. Above all this he dislikes dragons with a passion. Here the author wants to remind you about racism and how it can be found in everyday lives. Second is the societal connection. There is always racism in our society, and this can be against all races. In my opinion, there was more racism after the 9/11 attacks towards many groups of people. Before the attacks, there was not many case against these people. This means that one incident can change the opinions of many. This relate to how there is a small amount of racism before prince Rufus was murdered, and a large amount of cases of racism after, even though the people of Goredd did not know who actually murdered

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