Romantic Bohemian Oil Painting In Skagastrond, Iceland

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I think that the central theme of this romantic bohemian oil painting is the loss of a family member or a loved one. The description of the painting tells the audience that it takes place in Skagastrond, Iceland, which is located in the northern section of Iceland. Which is a well-known trading center in Iceland since the 15th century, the fact that it is a trading center, it may mean that there are countless of fishermen who lost their life at sea. The visual has the typical Icelandic landscape, mountains, a shore, and the ocean. Which I think represent the history of Iceland. On the other hand, the visual attracts the audience into the picture with the lightly outlined faces, which may represent spirits. My first thought of the oil painting was that it represented sadness and grief, however somehow there was a sense of peacefulness. The main object that attracted me into this visual was the spirit-like lady, who is viewing towards the sea, which the artist may have added because a person looking towards the ocean may be associated with seeking for a lost loved one. Furthermore she is looking slightly downward, which may represent the moment of grief and silence. There is also a masculine figure present who is looking at this grieving lady. Who may perhaps represent…show more content…
Two of the figures are located by the feminine spirit, and looking upwards to the masculine spirit. Two of these newly discovered figures are located by the feminine spirit looking upwards to the masculine spirit. In the same way, would represent spirits, because of their white outline. Moreover, since they appear smaller and younger, they may symbolize the children of these two spirits. In addition, I discovered another figure in the far back in the background. This figure seems like an infant's head, which may represent the future generation of Iceland or that specific town this painting takes place

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