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Many people have told me that they look be to go to Daytona Beach. This beach is beautiful and has many tourists, beautiful attractions and souvenirs. They also have lots of vendors with different variety of foods and clothing. In other words Daytona Beach is an exciting place for family vacation, because it is located on the heart of Florida, there are lots of sights, and there are lots of sensations. Daytona Beach is located in the heart of Daytona Florida near Orlando so many people from all over can come and buy and sell great merchandise. Moreover it is also located near Jacksonville Florida which is a very popular city in Florida that people visit, especially young people. Daytona Beach is huge and filled with many small stores and stalls. Consequently it can be very aggravating to get around the beach. However if you get lost, it was best to look for beach directory which is located throughout the beach. It will help you find your way.…show more content…
Early mornings I walk into the beach and see many cars, bikes, and people everywhere. You have to be cautious where you walk. Many tourists where bringing their merchandise to sell on carts, dollies, and in big bags. In fact you might even had to move or jump out of the way of the tourists way as they down through the narrow side walk filled with crowds of other people. In addition to the tourists, sellers, and local residents were rushing in looking for something to eat and ready to shop. As time goes by, the beach gets more and more crowded and you have to start sliding between people to keep

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