Roman Republicanism: The Distribution Of Power In The Republic

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The Roman Republicanism started from 509 B.C. to 27 B.C. During that time, roman set up the elective government, limited terms of office and sharing power in government format which created a state called republic. Avoid one-man with unlimited power is the main purpose of using shared government. The contemporary society imitate this rule as well as the elective system. This essay will discuss the distribution of power in the republic time and the significance in the modern society. The evolution of the Roman constitution began with the conflict in patricians and normal people. At the start of the fifth century B.C. , the aristocrats controlled the government by elected consuls, the Centuriate Assembly, and the senate. Consuls were considered…show more content…
With the set up of the tribal assembly which they asked for from the aristocrats, the plebeians had equality and protection gradually. 10 tribunes were selected from the tribal assembly to protect common people by vetoing any government decisions that they thought was wrong or against the benefits of the people. The establish of 12 tables in 450 B.C. and the cancel from the approval of senate in 287 B.C. represented the non-noble class power to enact legislation. The fundamental rule of the government is preventing one head of government as the number of selected people in every position is more than 1 as well as the term of office is limited in 1 year and re-elected…show more content…
He also realised the republican ideas still active in the roman ruling classes. Augustus used the beneficial part of the roman republicanism with his own idea of monarchy. The separation of power in Roman republic time had been used in a monarchic way. He had the absolute power with the facade of the Republic but refused to be called a king. In 27 B.C.,after he killed his enemies privately, he act like gave up all his power but soon the senate commanded him as the High priest for his life time. High priest is a elective position which religiously tied with the position of king. The elective government system in the roman empire time work well and maintain the stable life for people. No wars, violent nor forcing in these centuries are satisfied citizens’

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