Were The Salem Witch Trials Crazy Or Crazy?

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Salem Witch Trials There are some that still deny major historical events from taking place, despite living in the twenty-first century and being up to date with new discoveries and facts about the events. They have denied the Holocaust, the Lunar Landing, and yes, the Salem Witch Trials. Based on the amount of facts to back up the trials, it is easy to conclude that these people are either crazy or extremely stubborn and firm in their beliefs, because the Salem Witch Trials were indeed an actual event that took place in the seventeenth century. Over two hundred people were accused of having something to do with witchcraft and imprisoned, while only twenty of those two hundred were executed for their “involvement”. Not only were the live’s…show more content…
Relatives of the accused were looked down upon by other members of the community, people who they once called their friends, as they were afraid of getting too close to the Devil. The Salem Witch Trials were the largest witch hunt in American history, affecting the lives of over to hundred people, subjecting women to misogyny, and acting as a distraction for the changing times of the seventeenth century. In February of 1692, two young girls by the names of Elizabeth Parris, age nine, and Abigail Williams, age eleven, were “led away with little sorceries” (Gragg). Little did anyone know that these two girls would be the first of many to experience strange fits, that were soon determined to be the cause of witchcraft. Beginning in the home of Reverend Samuel Parris, Elizabeth’s father, the two girls and Parris’ West Indian slave, Tituba, fashioned a makeshift

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