Coco Chanel's Life As A Fashion Hero

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Coco Chanel , a biography written by Ann Gaines, tells the story of Coco Chanel the Queen of fashion who was a poor, talentless and sweet little girl to a rich, famous, and social woman and a Fashion Hero! The author starts by describing the early life of Chanel and then talks about he cabaret life as a singer, and how she goes into the fashion industry. Before becoming a Fashion Hero Chanel started her life in Saumur, France on August 19, 1883. At the age of 12 Chanel's mother died from tuberculosis at the age of 33. And her father abandoned her and her sister. And he sends his sons to work on a farm and his daughters to be raised and taught by nuns. Chanel is given the nickname Coco while she was a singer at a cabaret as a posuse she took singing lessons and rented a costume, but she was never offered a contract she finds her first lover Etienne Balsan.…show more content…
She becomes of the cartesian and lives at his chateau. And Balsan broke up with Coco and she found her “only true love” Boy Capel. He give her money for the department hat shop that Boston gave her, a new location and the fashion town Rue Cambon in Paris and with more money given to her by Capel Chanel opens another shop on the resort town of Deauville. Chanel closes her Deauville shop and open a new shop and create a new one in Biarritz. Her business suffers but only for a short time because World War I breaks out. Then she pays Capel for his “investment” and achieves “financial independence” then becomes depressed because her “true love” died in a car accident. Next and her life Channel partners with the Westheimer family and begins to sell Chanel No. 5 which became one of the most famous perfumes of all time and introduces the “little black dress” and she must not have been that devastated because 9 years later she start a relationship with the Duke of

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