How Is Pangloss Presented In Candide

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Pangloss, Candide’s teacher, mentor, and a wise philosopher, is seen as a very optimistic character throughout the story. Pangloss quotes that ‘this world is the best of all possible worlds.” And also quotes “everything that happens is for the best”. The word Pangloss is defined as a person who is optimistic regardless of the situation. All these philosophies Pangloss refers to show a tremendous amount of optimism in his character and is also passed on to Candide. Referring to the book, Candide quotes “Now I am convinced that my Master Pangloss told me truly when he said that everything was for the best in this world.”, however Candide is seen as an ignorant character in parts of the story and is most likely from Pangloss’s teachings. Throughout the story Pangloss runs into much tragedy . This includes being nearly being nearly hung, nearly burned, infected with syphilis, and more. However after all he has been through, Pangloss still believed that all that has happened was for the best although he has gone through hell. Pangloss’s student Candide, was very convinced himself of Pangloss’s teachings. Yet, Candide figured that all that happens isn’t for the best. This comes to show that Pangloss isn’t only very optimistic but perhaps ignorant of the world. In the story, Candide is…show more content…
He is later released by His Bulgarian Majesty, for certain reasons including his “complete ignorance of the world”. Candide only learned what his tutor Pangloss had taught him and so this indirectly shows Pangloss has an ignorant side to his character as

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