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Remember The Titans: Based On A True Story Remember The Titans has controversy over whether or not they should be able to use the term “based on a true story”. They should be able to use the title because the differeances in the movie compared to real life don’t subtract from the meaning of what happened. The main idea of the movie was about two different races learning to over come their differences and work together. The alliance between the races helped the both the community and the team to better understand each other. One example of this would be that most of the players at T.C. Williams Highschool never played against players of another race. This was overcome becuase of the experiances they had at football camp. The coaches really pushed them to get along since day one. Coach Herman Boone was a black man and coach Bill Yoast was a white man. They had to be on the same page so they could model to their players to do the same. However, coach Boone was the one to mainly take charge of getting the players to get along. He used the tactic of tough love. Coach Boone made them share rooms, mix buses, and get to know facts about each other. He made sure that everyone knew this wasn’t just about football.…show more content…
In the movie, it was shown at their championship game. The new found relationship between the team was represented though both the song that they sang ( which didn’t really happen ) and the way they worked together to win. Another representation of how they built that bond was during a time of tragedy. It was shown both at Gerry Bertier’s funeral and when he was in the hopsital. Gerry called a black player his brother when he came to visit. His mother also showed positive remarks. As for his funeral, everyone came and left together. This shows the brotherhood of the players and the bond they

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