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Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger is based on a series of entries written by Junger during his time in the German military in World War I. Ernst Junger writes about his missions and experiences in the war up until an injury stops him from fighting in 1918. During this time, there is nothing mentioned about his personal life or family or anything to that extent. I do not think that this book glorifies war and militarism because it really is not making it out to be a massive event, but instead it shows a man just going about his assignments in order to stay alive and be a man. If anything, I think this book makes Junger and his comrades out to be a hero of some sort, instead of focusing on the background of the war itself or military. I believe…show more content…
This time, his job is to restore the affected areas so that the trenches are effective again. The German headquarters decided the way the war was going did not favor them. They decided to launch a series of vicious attacks in order to swing the way the war was heading. They snuck into the German trenches where they were able to get past many troops without them noticing. Soon enough, one of the British saw them and tossed a grenade. Junger’s brigade took some ammunition and machine guns before retreating back to their normal lines. On October 26, the Germans were so desperate for troops so they called in his brigade for emergency defense. During the emergency defense in the trenches, a mortar round landed around his men and the results were terrifying. Three-fourths of his men where wounded, including Junger himself. He was wounded in the head and yet again had to spend time rehabbing. When the rehab ended, he was sent to watch crosswords between a river and a road. In the final German Spring Obejctive, Junger was shot in the chest and eventually could not fight any more. In total, Junger was wounded fourteen times. He received many war medals for his countless efforts towards the

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