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Identity of Business The cruise industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Total worldwide cruise market is estimated to be at $37.1 billion which has increase over 2012 by 2.3%. Moreover, the annualized passengers carried has reached 21.6 million which increased by 3.0% over year 2013. (Market Share). In this case study we will be discussing about the Carnival Corporation and PLC, the worlds largest and the most successful vacation company. The case study will focus on the formulation and application of strategies by the company that directed towards utmost success. The company includes leading cruise brands which carries huge number of passenger as compared to others within the industry. Carnival corp. and carnival plc operated as a dual listed company. Carnival corp. was established in 1993, but the core of the cruise line was created when its flagship brand carnival cruise lines was formed in 1972. Since then Carnival has been acquiring numerous other cruise lines and merging with them which lead to a global vacation leader with 12 brands of 66 ships over 100,000 lower berths. This strategy of carnival cruise made them one of the largest leisure travel companies in the world.…show more content…
It is hard to approximate the cost of operating this business when a ship is carrying more that 6300 people providing them with enough food, lodging, and entertainment (( Nassauer, 2010). Besides that the main startup cost would be the cost of capital to build, acquire, or rent the vessel. The other cost would be equipment, rent, utilities, insurance, food , medicine, and other supplies, salary and wage etc. are some of the expenses that will incur to operate a cruise ship. These all expenses are very realistic as these are common expenses that most business in the industry would incur.

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