How Is Betrayal Shown In Medea Selfish

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In the play, Medea is appearing as crazy, destructive, and abusive of magic power and wisdom. I am writing about love in Medea because I want to demonstrate to my reader how someone will be willing to engage in tremendous destructive behaviors as a result of betrayal by the love one in order for us to understand the love is selfish. Medea perceives love as selfish and personal. She tries to give everything she thinks her love, Jason wants, no matter what the consequences are. Medea abuses her power and kills four people in the play based on different reasons. In the beginning of the play, she kills her brother, and dumbs him in the middle of the sea so pursers will have to bury him and slow down. Then, she leaves her homeland, Colchis successfully to follow Jason to Iolcus. Yet, she then complains that she has to leave her family and friends because of Jason. She said…show more content…
Medea is full of enmity when she knows Jason is going to abandon her and remarry the princess. She urges Chorus to her side and tells him about her plan of revenge. Medea tells him “I will send a servant to bring Jason here to see me…for my enemies to outrage-my own children. No: this is my deceit, to kill the princess” (line795-804) Then, she uses her magic to make a delicate robe and a garland worked in gold, and poisons princess once she touches it. According to the messenger “What happened next was terrible to see. Her skin changed color, and her legs were shaking; she reeled sideways, and she would have fallen straight to the ground if she hadn’t collapsed in her chairs” (line 1185-1189) Princess then dies painfully which her eyes are popping out, blood is draining from her face, and white foam is coming out from her mouth. Medea is willing to kill princess because she does not care to kill anyone that interferences her relationship with Jason. At this point, she wants to everything that hurts Jason because she is no longer being

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