How I Lost The Junior Miss Pageant Cindy Bosley Summary

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It is 0-0 in the bottom of the seventh and we are heading into extra innings. Bottom of the ninth and “Crank!” it is gone with two batters on base Dundee’s Senior hit her last home run and won the game. In life not everything happens the way we wish it would. In “How I Lost the Junior Miss Pageant” by Cindy Bosley, Bosley retells a story about her childhood failure. In Bosley’s reflection of her past she explains how she watched the miss america pageant all the time and how she analyzed the contestants every move. Bosley with some persuasion from family and friends decided to be a contestant in the junior miss pageant. She ended up losing and felt completely humiliated. Like Bosley, I too had an experience where I exceeded my expectations in high school softball. This situation taught me to never give up. I have been playing softball since I was eight years old. I remember the day my parents took me to the USA Patriots state championship game-I immediately fell in love. I remember analyzing the player’s every move and…show more content…
I woke up and told myself no matter how much you want to win Bre it does not matter, play the game the way you know how and if you do not win it just was not meant to be. We arrive at the Secchia Stadium and begin warming up. We started playing and it was a 0-0 game. Near the third inning our coach told us, “I’m sick of coming down here and not hitting the fucking ball. Get your head out of our ass and lets go win a state championship!”; as a matter a fact, we did. We started hitting the ball and before I knew it, it was the last pitch of the game with a strikeout. I ran up to my best friend (pitcher) and jumped on top of her which led into a massive dog pile. The newspaper comes out, and paper after paper read, “USA Patriots win the game….Dinsmoore leads Patriots at the plate and behind it.” I was on cloud nine. The USA team went down in

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