Divergent And Jefferson's Role In The Ideas Of The Enlightenment

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The Enlightenment was a time period form the 1620s to the 1780s. This was a time period of reason, and it marked the beginning of many important philosophers including Humboldt and Jefferson. Although, both men coexisted within this time period their ideas, morals, and opinions were very opposing on some subjects. The philosophers of this time period were exploring new lands, ideas, and challenging authority for the first time. However, before explaining Humboldt and Jefferson’s role in the Enlightenment, we have to understand what the ideas of the Enlightenment were. Immanuel Kant said that the Enlightenment was from “an immaturity self-inflicted because it arises not from a lack of understanding, but rather from an absence of the courage necessary to foreground reason and intellect” (Rebok 1). During this time period, people looked away from religion and wonder about the world. They stopped relaying on their religion to…show more content…
Humboldt was an explorer, scientist, and geographer (“Humboldt”). Humboldt grew up learning many different things but was drawn to exploration. In 1799 he set sail to spend five years traveling. During this time, Humboldt traveled with Bonpland, a French botanist. (Rebok 7). Humboldt and Bonpland traveled at a time that was very important for the scientific time. Along with writing of his exploration, Humboldt wrote of what he saw with the people. He wrote about the colonies, slavery, and the cultures he saw. Humboldt had a firm opinion on slavery and the treatment of people. He was against it completely. After the voyage, the men accidentally ended up in Philadelphia adding a few weeks to their trip. Humboldt lived in Paris for most of his life after this to publish what he had discovered in the new world. Humboldt was unable to continue to finance his voyages and had to return to Berlin. After his final voyage around Russia, Humboldt died on May 6, 1859 at the age of

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