Argos Were Deeply Insulted By Troy Essay

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Q.1. The Argos were deeply insulted by Troy. How is that sense of insult expressed and described in the play? A.1. Argos were deeply insulted by Troy when Paris, a mortal abducted Helen, a women of royalty from them. This was the actual insult but it is necessary to recall how this act of insult happened. Zeus held a banquet where a disruptive argument took place between the goddesses as a result of Eris’s, a goddess of strife intentional act. The argument was to figure out who was the fairest of all goddesses present at the banquet. The authority to make a decision was later handed over to Paris who was bribed in several ways. Aphrodite was chosen as she offered the hand of Helen. In the mean while, Paris travelled to Argos as the love of a woman led him there and was served in great hospitality by Atreus. However, Paris came in contact with Helen at Argos, and ran away with…show more content…
How does Clytemnestra understand the meaning or value of her act of revenge against Agamemnon? A.3. Clytemnestra decides to take revenge from her husband, Agamemnon after he returns because Agamemnon sacrificed their youngest child, Iphigenia to Artemis, the protector of young and animals. Clytemnestra as a mother was in pain, however Clytemnestra welcomed Agamemnon lovingly, expressed how much she missed him while he was in the battle against the king of Troy.. After giving a warm welcome, Clytemnestra murders Agamemnon as he was taking a shower and she also kills his new slave, Cassandra but she does take full responsibility of it as she had no shame about it. However, during the trial, upon taking the full responsibility of the two murders, Clytemnestra criticizes Agamemnon for sacrificing their youngest child. Clytemnestra reveals an emotional side of her to express her grieves towards her deceased daughter. She says, “… but he sacrificed his own child, my labour of love, he was the one you should have banished from this land, as punishment for the pollution he brought on us”

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